For the sake of the planet, we must change the conservation career path from one of exclusion and privilege to one of inclusion and growth.

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Grant Programs

The Conservation Nation Grant Program offers direct funding to help save endangered animals and their ecosystems around the world by building a stronger, more diverse conservation community. We believe that only by supporting each other and breaking down barriers to expand the number and diversity of conservationists in the fight will we be giving this challenge all we’ve got.

We plan to offer two tiers of grants:

  • To support critical field work of established conservationists who will be role models and mentors for the breadth of diversity needed in conservation leadership;
  • To support emerging conservationists who have the passion and ideas the planet needs but not the privilege, access and networks that hold back so many from success.

Established Conservationists 
We will provide grants for global, wildlife-saving work being done by mid-career conservationists from underrepresented groups, such as women, people of color, Indigenous people, and those from disadvantaged communities. A Conservation Nation Grant will place a strong emphasis on ensuring that grant recipients will share their work and knowledge and become mentors for our emerging conservationists and youth conservationists.

Emerging Conservationists 
We will provide funding to emerging conservationists to underwrite internships and professional development activities that would otherwise be beyond their reach. Our grantees will work hand in hand with Conservation Nation as mentors and role models to inspire the next generation. In turn, they will receive mentoring from our Established Conservationists.

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Education and Grants Program Updates
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Youth Advisory Council

Conservation Nation is no longer accepting applications for the Youth Advisory Council. Calling All Youth Who Are Passionate About Wildlife, the Environment, and Community Leadership! Conservation

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