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Who We Are

You’ve read the stories about what humans are doing to the planet and the animals heading towards extinction—and it feels overwhelming. How could you possibly make a difference? The good news is you can.

Join Conservation Nation, an initiative that supports critical wildlife conservation projects around the globe. Since 2016, more than $200,000 has been raised to fund projects for top conservationists, researchers and veterinarians. We channel your donations directly to these renowned experts to get them the resources they need to save endangered animals in the field.

We’ve helped a range of species all over the planet, directly funding innovative projects at the forefront of conservation efforts. Because of Conservation Nation, researchers have outfitted wild giraffes with new tracking tech in Kenya. We’ve funded groundbreaking marine mammal research in Peru. And those are just a few examples. Every day, we’re facilitating critical work to save endangered wildlife.

We invite you to learn more about conservation projects that were made possible by people like you.