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Who We Are

Conservation Nation is a passionate team committed to saving species by making the field of wildlife conservation accessible to a broader group of people. For the sake of the planet and wildlife everywhere, we need every voice at the table. We are dedicated to changing the conservation career path from one of limited access to one of inclusion and growth.

Our Goal

To accelerate conservation progress by fueling a self-sustaining movement that brings a more representative and inclusive community of conservationists to the fight, today and in the future.

Our Approach


Provide funding and resources for innovative work to protect threatened species or habitat to a diverse group of current and emerging conservationists from underrepresented groups, such as women, people of color, Indigenous people, and those from disadvantaged communities.


Increase networking and incubation opportunities for up-and-coming conservationists to expand access to resources, mentoring, and internships vital to a successful conservation career.


Celebrate and amplify diverse voices and contributions in the conservation movement to shine a light on their impact and to inspire underserved high school youth to explore career pathways to conservation.