We’re growing the field of wildlife conservation by supporting a diverse group of current and future conservationists.

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Our Work

Since 2016, we have provided more than $450,000 to fund 57 projects around the world to scientists from underrepresented groups. Today, we’re expanding our support with grants, field funding, and development opportunities to build a broader conservation movement. Your gift will accelerate our efforts to save endangered species.


Provide grants and support to emerging and established conservationists from underrepresented groups who are doing wildlife-saving work. Grantees will act as mentors and role models to inspire the next generation.

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Engage and inspire underserved high school students to explore careers in conservation through programs that offer experiential learning, access to field professionals, and micro grants for projects close to home.

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Act as a collaborative and supportive hub for collective action by partner organizations, institutions, companies, and donors who share the perspective that it will take all of us to create a more sustainable future. Check back soon for details.


Saving Endangered Canids

There are 35 species of canids, including the maned wolf, dhole, African painted dog, and the critically endangered red wolf. Smithsonian scientists are using in vitro fertilization and other techniques to…

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