Nova West

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Conservation Nation emerging conservationist grantee Nova West
Nova West is one of Conservation Nation’s 2021 emerging conservationist grant winners. Nova is an artist, scuba diver, filmmaker, photographer, and environmental educator from Minnesota. Their passion lies in exploring our natural world and finding new and creative ways to inspire the world to jump in. In addition to working as a filmmaker, Nova also spends some of their time at sea as a Video Engineer and Expedition Documentarian for Ocean Exploration Trust aboard the E/V Nautilus. Nova has collaborated with organizations such as National Geographic, Discovery, Netflix, Smithsonian, Greenpeace, True Blue Films, Red Rock Films, Ocean Exploration Trust, and more.
Project Overview

Underwater Filming of Sharks

Bimini, Bahamas
With this grant, Nova plans to complete an apprenticeship under the direct instruction of Duncan Brake, one of the greatest underwater camera operators in shark conservation. The apprenticeship will take place in Bimini, Bahamas, home to both Duncan and the Bimini Shark Lab. Under Duncan’s instruction Nova plans to hone their underwater filming and photography skills, in addition to learning how to safely work with sharks in their natural habitat. With this reinforced skillset Nova hopes to work to change the negative narrative surrounding sharks and advocate for the conservation of their species and habitats through photography and film.