Saving an Endangered Bird

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The red siskin is one of Venezuela’s most iconic birds, but the illegal pet trade and habitat loss have nearly guaranteed its extinction. Several ways that scientists are working to save this endangered bird are by restoring sustainable populations through genetic monitoring, mitigating wildlife tracking, and protecting habitats.

Conservation Nation helped by funding the critical work Smithsonian scientists, and the Red Siskin Initiative—an international partnership of public and private institutions, communities, and people working to help understand, protect, and restore sustainable populations of this highly endangered and iconic bird in Venezuela and Guyana.

On the Right Track

Eight of Conservation Nation’s wildlife projects have included the purchase of high-tech tracking equipment. And that’s just us. Trackers are everywhere—being used in studies on

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A Good Problem to Have

Four years ago, scimitar-horned oryx were reintroduced to Chad. This was 30 years after the elegant two-horned animal was declared extinct in the wild. But

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