Past Projects

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Past Projects

Since 2016, we have provided more than $450,000 to fund 57 projects around the world to scientists from underrepresented groups. We’ve funded scientists and conservation projects on five continents, focusing on species ranging from tiny, two-inch Panamanian golden frogs in Central America, to 10,000-pound Asian elephants in Myanmar.

banded red siskins in tree

Protecting a Symbol

The dedicated folks at the Red Siskin Initiative are unflappable. With Conservation Nation’s support, the initiative has focused its energies on commencing daily conservation activities

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Dusky Dolphin swimming along the Kaikoura Coast.

Saving Dolphins in Peru

Eavesdropping on cetaceans—someone’s got to do it. And thanks to Conservation Nation, and supporters like you, that someone is going to be marine biologist Dr.

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Andean bear mother with cub

Machu Picchu’s Shaggy Star

The “spectacled” Andean Bear already stands out, thanks to distinctive eyeglass-shaped facial markings and its newfound celebrity status as none other than the movies’ Paddington

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gray wolf

Saving Endangered Canids

There are 35 species of canids, including the maned wolf, dhole, African painted dog, and the critically endangered red wolf. Smithsonian scientists are using in vitro fertilization and other techniques to…

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giraffe with tracker on ossicone

Tracking Giraffes in Kenya

You would think the world’s tallest land mammal would be easy to study, but very little is known about Kenya’s reticulated giraffe population. Scientists believe

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red siskin perched on a tree branch

Saving an Endangered Bird

The red siskin is one of Venezuela’s most iconic birds, but the illegal pet trade and habitat loss have nearly guaranteed its extinction. Several ways

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