Protect the Vulnerable Lowland Tapir

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The Lowland tapir is critical to the biodiversity of the Paraguayan Chaco’s rich ecosystem. But because of habitat loss and poaching, this species’ numbers are falling. That’s why we want to send a nationally recognized Smithsonian zoological veterinarian to the region to learn more about the tapir’s habitat use.

As part of this three-year project, a research team will evaluate and track these animals using GPS collars. The information gathered will allow researchers to provide local communities with guidance on how to craft tapir-friendly policies and enact effective conservation plans.

On the Right Track

Eight of Conservation Nation’s wildlife projects have included the purchase of high-tech tracking equipment. And that’s just us. Trackers are everywhere—being used in studies on

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Donald Neiffer, V.M.D

As chief veterinarian the Smithsonian’s National Zoo and Conservation Biology Institute, Dr. Donald Neiffer oversees, coordinates, and directs all clinical medicine and pathology operations to

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