Thanks to our fundraisers, Conservation Nation is fighting to erase extinction. Fundraising is a fun and creative way to make an impact for animals today.

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Meet the Nation

Fundraising is for everyone. Erasing extinction begins with you.

Gather your Herd to Help Animals

At Conservation Nation, we want to inspire you to fundraise to make an impact this holiday season—all while having a good time.

On your mark. Get set. Save animals!

You’re fast. You’re fierce. You want to help rhinos, and other endangered animals, all over the globe. Here are some ways you can participate in The Fast & the Fierce 5K, sponsored by Aegis Project Controls. Whether you attend the event on September 14 or participate virtually on your own, you can make a difference and help wildlife.

Spoiler: It’s a Fluff Piece

Homo sapiens aren’t the only species that can support Smithsonian science to save wildlife—at the second annual The Fast & the Fierce 5K, pets can step up to save rhinos, and fundraise for other animal projects all over the globe, as well.

Conservation Nation Around Town

A Saturday film screening and shopping for a snazzy new dress might not normally make you think of conservation outreach, but Conservation Nation isn’t just any old fundraising initiative …

John’s Climb for Conservation

Ascending 19,341 feet of treacherous mountainside is no small feat. Add to that raising nearly $10,000 for conservation projects in the wild, and we can safely say John Mina rocked 2018 as a world-class adventurer and a Conservation Nation all-star.

Julia’s Lemonade Stand

Julia was so inspired by the species-saving work of Conservation Nation that she started a lemonade stand to fundraise for Conservation Nation. Just by asking her friends, family, and neighbors to donate Julia raised over $1,000 to save various species. Join Julia in the fight against extinction—she makes it look easy, and that’s because it is!


Courtney’s Affinity for Animals

Inspired by her love of wildlife and commitment to conservation, Courtney set out on a mission to be a Conservation Nation hero. She didn’t need a special occasion to start fundraising—just her affinity for animals and her determination to make a difference. With a few emails and social media posts, Courtney raised over $800 to save Asian elephants in Myanmar.


A BIG Birthday for Lucas

This year for his birthday, Lucas wanted to do something BIG! When Lucas saw that Conservation Nation was helping elephants, he wanted to join the herd. For his big day, he turned his birthday into a fundraiser for Conservation Nation and contributed over $1,000 to the cause. With just simply asking for donations instead of gifts, Lucas made an elephant-sized difference with Conservation Nation.


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Tools and Resources

Whether you’re starting a fundraiser or gathering people together for an event, it’s important to have the right tools to communicate with your friends and family. These resources can help you get the word out in fun, easy-to-share ways.

Conservation Nation Campaign Tip Sheet

Use the tips in this one-page PDF to quickly take your fundraising efforts to the next level.

Six Steps to Becoming a More Successful Fundraiser

Check out this step-by-step guide to help you easily launch your page, choose who to email and what to say, and rally your herd via social media.