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Check out a few stories below from our Conservation Nation grantees and supporters about the importance of our mission and why they’re standing behind us.

We’re proud of all the work we have accomplished to date helping save endangered species, but with our new mission there’s so much more to be done. We’re excited to share stories from the field as they unfold from our new Conservation Nation grantees and highlights from our new education work.

Dr. Janine Brown

Janine Brown, Ph.D.

Janine Brown is a research physiologist and heads the endocrinology laboratory at the Smithsonian Conservation Biology Institute (SCBI). Brown is devoted to increasing knowledge that will lead to better management and conservation of endangered species, both in captivity and in the wild, and coordinates one of the world’s largest and most productive endocrinology laboratories that benefits wildlife species. Her research efforts are connected to the scientific disciplines of behavior, reproductive endocrinology and stress management, primarily studying reproductive and behavioral relationships

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Bright yellow Eastern Meadowlark bird singing

A Flock in Trouble

Dinosaurs are vanishing again. Except this time, they’re disappearing in the form of modern birds. According to a paper published in Science and co-authored by

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an octopus with stripes resting on the ocean floor

Nature: A Monstery Menagerie

Elephant zombies? Octopi from outer space? This Halloween, read about some terrifyingly cool creatures—oh, and a spooky fact about humans, too. Zombie elephants—they walk among us. To

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Asian elephant walking toward camera

An Elephant Feat

10,000 pounds balanced on 18 pachyderm toes. This sums up just one challenge faced by Asian elephants as they move their huge bodies, sometimes across

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lowland tapir walking in grass

To Track a Tapir

The dry forests and savannahs of the Paraguayan Chaco encompass a large swathe of South America. Like the Amazon, this area is home to a complex and diverse

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