On your mark. Get set. Save animals!

On your mark. Get set. Save animals!

You’re fast. You’re fierce. You want to help rhinos and other endangered animals all over the globe. Here are some ways you can participate in The Fast & the Fierce 5K, sponsored by Aegis Project Controls. Whether you attend the event on September 14 or participate virtually on your own, you can make a difference and help wildlife.


Run solo. Create your own fundraiser and fundraising webpage. Aim high and set a goal. If 500 people each raise $500, Conservation Nation would earn $500,000 for rhinos and animals in the wild. 



Lead a herd. Fundraise with friends or family. Each member will create their own personal fundraising page, and a team page will be created so you can see the impact you’re having together!


Join a team. Has someone you know already named a team? Join it and be part of the impact! You’ll get your own fundraising page and see your successes reported on the team page.



Support a participant. Know a person, pet or team who are participating? Donate to their campaign. Show up and cheer them on!


Be an ambassador. Use your voice to amplify the call to help rhinos and other animals. Get your network to migrate to Freedom Plaza on 9/14.


Be a social butterfly. Spread the word about the 5K by amplifying the message on your social media channels. Use #fastfierce5K to find and share posts.



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