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Led by Dr. Suzan Murray, Global Health scientists travel the world to investigate connections between people and wildlife. The team conducts life-saving research, performs community outreach and combats zoonotic threats.


The central philosophy of the program is this: the health of all species, including humans, are linked. Recent outbreaks of diseases, such as COVID19 (coronavirus) and SARS, remind us of how important this critical work is.


In 2019, Conservation Nation funded a Global Health Program workshop to educate those in the field about saving endangered rhinos in Kenya. This year, we’re announcing two Conservation Nation Global Health projects: a study focusing on diseases carried by orangutans in Borneo and a pangolin campaign implemented throughout Asia.


Please consider giving a donation to benefit the Smithsonian’s Global Health Program, and the amazing team dedicated to keeping us all—human and animal alike—as healthy as possible.


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