Gather your Herd to Help Animals

Gather your Herd to Help Animals

At Conservation Nation, we want to inspire you to fundraise to make an impact this holiday season—all while having a good time. As you raise awareness for conservation, your friends and family can support your fundraiser confident that no matter how much or how little they give, they are directly contributing to Smithsonian projects that save animals in the wild. Here are some ideas for how you can create a compelling—and, dare we say it, fun!—fundraiser:


Take the polar plunge. What’s better than jumping into freezing water at the height of winter? Getting your friends to do it, too, and making them donate for the privilege of the experience.



Fan the flames of a fantasy football feud. Not to promote gambling, but what’s the harm in gambling for a cause? Donate all, or a portion, of your fantasy football league’s winnings to conservation, maybe in honor of the animal associated with your team (Miami Dolphins, anyone?).



Bake to make a difference. Let’s say you work at an office. Let’s say everyone you work with likes to bring in delicious treats, and during the holidays, your office becomes an amateur—yet equally entertaining—version of The Great British Bake Off. Why not monetize the competition? Every week, have participants chip in $15 to enter. The winner gets respect … and the pleasure of knowing their creation not only has expanded waistlines, but also has raised money to help endangered species.



Host a conservation-themed shindig. For example, last year, a donor hosted a “Penguins & Pumpkins” brunch. With one fun morning of gourd painting and treats, a group of families raised enough as a team to fund more than 50 nest boxes for South African penguins. Interested in hosting a similar event to fundraise for one of this year’s projects? It’s easy—either you can create a fundraising page here for your guests, or you can set up Conservation Nation as your charity of choice on Evite so you can collect donations via your digital invitations.


Share our mission and our stories. As you recruit friends and family to give, share stories about our impact here and encourage them to sign up for our monthly newsletter.


Finally, whether your fundraiser raises $1 million or $1, thank you! Every gift counts as we strive to protect animals from extinction.

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